We’re a children and young people's organisation working across the UK. We are secular, co-educational and committed to positive social change. We believe passionately in equality and co-operation. We help children understand important issues like the environment, justice and sustainable development. By encouraging children to think about these issues, we hope they will help build a greener, fairer and more peaceful world. Our aim is to have great fun, but also to develop children's self-confidence and build awareness of society around them. 

So what do you actually do?

We meet on Wednesday evenings during term time in Twickenham where the children learn about big ideas through fun activities like games, drama, craftwork, singing, playing and debating. We also organise regular outings, camps and activities such as hiking and hostelling at weekends and during the school holidays, sometimes with neighbouring groups or as part of regional, national or international events.

Why join us?

  • Because we have really strong principles that we live out in our daily lives as well as in our Woodcraft activities. We believe in peace, sustainability, social justice, friendship, children's rights and co-operation.

  • Because we believe that all young people are valuable and important - they have something to offer each other and society. We ensure they can have their say in running the organisation.

  • Because it's fun for everyone! And when you join Woodcraft Folk, you'll have a ready-made network of friendly support.

  • Because everything in Woodcraft Folk is about teamwork and co-operation. From cooking and washing-up at camps to planning and running weekly activities, no one is on their own.

To join the group or request further information, please complete the contact form on the home page.