Peace March smallWith minds focussed on the terrible events happening in the Middle East, our Pioneers and Venturers have been focussing on peace this term. This coincided with two arms fairs at Twickenham Rugby Ground.

The programme for our Pioneers and Venturers included discussing international conflict, giving new words to well-known Woodcraft songs around the theme of peace, and making a peace banner.

Last week they held their own peace march to the rugby ground and sang their peace songs outside the main entrance.

Woodcraft Folk's recent statement on the continued and escalating violence in Palestine can be read here.

15:57, 05 Mar 2024 by John Tippins

We began the new year yesterday evening with a meeting for all leaders, volunteers and parents.

We have a great year ahead! There were some changes in leadership - Lewis stood down as District Coordinator after steering the district through some challenging times, the Covid pandemic for example. His place has been taken by Cornelia, who was our Elfin leader for many years. And to complete our strong leadership team John remains as Membership Secretary and Treasurer; Ian is looking after Health & Safety and Safeguarding; Cris, Anna and Thea will be responsible for resources and equipment; our Elfin group will be lead by Thea, Lewis, Emily and Anna and our Pioneers and Venturers by Kate, Ruairidh and Ian. We also set up an outreach and marketing team that will be led by Shushanah, Mia, Cris and Lewis. Kate, Emily and Lewis are our First Aiders.

We will also be joined by three Duke of Edinburgh  volunteers - Sefi, Olivia and Hannah (who was one of our Elfins). They will be helping with the Elfin group as well as applying their youthful social media skills to help the marketing team.

We have a full programme of exciting activities planned for the term and camps/weekend trips booked for October, December, February, May and July. We're looking forward to another amazing year.

14:28, 14 Sep 2023 by John Tippins

We look forward to starting a new term and a new year this Wednesday. Recently we've had a rush of parents interested in the group, so the start of term looks like it will be busy and exciting! We'd like to welcome all new children and their parents to Woodcraft Folk. We're sure you'll have a great time.

10:24, 12 Sep 2022 by John Tippins


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