After several months of virtual meets, we're back meeting for real!

The Zoom meetings were a great success - necessity was definitely the mother of invention. The group leaders, and the young people equally, put a huge effort into the virtual meetings. The children had some great ideas for meetings and had material prepared well in advance. But after six months, everyone was feeling the need to meet in person.

So the group leaders took the decision to meet at Heatham House from the start of the autumn term. (As an educational charity Woodcraft Folk is exempt from the 'rule of six'. Youth work is seen as essential and organised activities can continue, providing we are no more than fifteen in a 'bubble'.) However, we also took the decision to meet outdoors to keep everyone as safe as we can.

The shortening hours of daylight present a challenge, not a problem, and we have adapted really well. Last week, the children took advantage of the gloom to learn morse code and send messages with torch signals from one bubble to another. You'd be amazed how much fun they had in the dark (and the rain Frown).

And this week we have an evening of silhouette games.

Where there's a will there's a way.

And that's quite enough proverbs for one blog.

15:30, 07 Oct 2020 by John Tippins