What would you take if you had to flee your home at short notice (as refugees around the world might have to)? 

In a fast-paced activity, with chances to change their minds or swap, our pioneer/venturer age group (aged 9/10 and older) decided on their priorities, from a longer list dealt out at random. 

As a group, but based also on individual choices, they settled on a groundsheet, money, baked beans, a language phrasebook, a camping stove, tomato sauce, a mug or bowl, a bottle of water, medicine, baby food and milk, tinned meat or fish, matches, a coat, rice, a mobile phone, writing paper, a sleeping bag, and jam. 

It meant giving up - sometimes reluctantly - and leaving other equipment (shoes, cooking pot, tent, torch, nappies, toilet paper, pen, book, map, plastic bin bags, shampoo, toothpaste and washing power); other kinds of food (biscuits, tinned vegetables, pasta, tea and coffee, sugar, cereal, cooking oil, flour, tinned soup, rice pudding, tinned fruit, squash, long life milk, and pet food); toys, a cuddly toy and a child’s dummy. 

Food for thought - what would you have taken?

The session ended with a lively game of Captain’s Coming.

14:06, 13 Oct 2019 by Lewis Brian Emery


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